The winding path of social activity is always an inspiration, friends, and new experiences. If a few years of “weaving a web of trust” between people for good deeds are behind them – in the words of PETRO MAKOVSKY, then there comes a moment of need to share the experience of successes and failures.
Here and now our Charitable Foundation “RIDNYA Community Foundation” has invited representatives of local organizations to talk about the technology of forming the organization’s charging, especially on increasing its financial capacity.
Our initiative for such training coincided with the need for organizations to develop, even in unpredictable times of quarantine.
This brought interest, on the one hand, for five representatives of our foundation to talk about the importance of values ​​in charity, about practical technologies for achieving goals, about real tools for interacting with people to collect donations, about the peculiarities of negotiating with stakeholders and how the pinnacle of future financial capacity is the creation and use by the organization of Indivisible Capital (Endowment).
On the other hand, there was a lot of communication, practice, and independent work of the participants, about which people emotionally shared at the final stage of the training, there was gratitude for the intensive training and willingness to further develop cooperation.During the training, the idea of ​​creating an open Platform from the Ridnya Foundation for the development of local charity to share experiences, organize mentoring, cooperate in the development of local initiatives and form a financial culture through the establishment of Indivisible Capital.
We look forward to the development of mutually beneficial communications through the creation of the Platform, a new platform for public synergy.

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Серпень 2021